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1985 XJS V12. £3k

Surely these are currently under valued, especially with the way classic prices have been going over the last few years? I am showing my age here but this was the car, in the same colour (not the actual one..) used by The Saint (if you have no idea then google it, it was a tv programme). Looks like its been well looked after and you might be able to pick this up for £2,500? It’s advertised at c.£3k on “the bay”. Linky

3. V12 XJS

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1986 Jaguar XJS V12
This car has been my pride and joy for the past 7 years and sadly I’ve not had the chance to use it as often as I should.
Private plate – A19 GPP
The bodywork really is excellent with no rust.
The front and rear arches are perfect, the paint has an excellent shine.
The underside is very good and has been undersealed from new.
The interior is very good with the headlining being replaced around 2 years ago.
The wheels have been polished at great expense and really set it off, there is no curbing at all.
The engine starts first turn of the key and sounds very well, it has covered 105,000 miles. There is no a blow on the exhaust however.
The gearbox changes nicely.
I spent £2000 having the front and rear brakes refurbished a while back and a full service it now stops dead straight! A rarity with an XJS.
It has an expensive Clifford alarm.
There is the original folder and history, prior to me a Jaguar Enthusiast Club member owned it for 10 years.
I have not used it since last October and it has been sitting in my heated garage, (It has always been stored inside, by myself and the previous owner) there is no M.O.T or tax at present, the only thing I can see it needing is the exhaust blow, however it may pass with it.
I’m only selling as I am moving abroad but I won’t be giving it away, if It doesn’t make a fair price I will keep it and arrange storage.
These cars are very undervalued at the moment, it’s only a matter of time before they really shoot up in value.
If you are looking at this I’m sure you will know about them, any inspection is welcomed!