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1966 Zetec Powered Anglia. £15k

One for my friend Wung. It’s not exactly cheap but it looks absolutely mint and built to a very high standard. Would guess that a well tuned Zetec would suit this car really well. Also got a bit of the sleeper about it this one, very standard looking on steel wheels. A lovely thing. Linky

Anglia 105

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New crate 2.0 blacktop zetec on zx6 bike carbs,5 speed v6 type 9 gearbox,escort front suspension all fully adjustable, camber,caster & ride height , turreted GAZ rear shocks with a Milton A frame to rear axle ,3.89 diff,Retroford BDA cam cover fitted to engine, lotus steels with new Yokohama A539 tyres, unwelded shell with a genuine 59k miles ,last 20 years history. Sprayed in Volvo peacock green ( looks metallic blue )with an ermine white roof.