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Datsun 240Z restoration. £40k

I have always loved these cars, especially on mini-lites and these one are perfect. The retro orange looks great with the grey wheels don’t you think? This restoration looks very high quality, not near new car spec. Got to be  a decent long term investment too? Its advertised on the bay here…..Link .

So much classier than another for sale at the moment with a TVR V8 and ridiculous wheels…..here


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Datsun 240z RHD stunning MZR restoration.

This 1972 Californian dry state vehicle has been meticulously restored from a bare metal status and converted to RHD using all original factory rhd metal pressings.

During its preparation at the MZR Roadsports workshop we have included several reliability, safety and performance upgrades.

The result we feel is that this is one of the best Datsun 240z in terms of driving experience,looks and build quality, available world wide today.

For the full specification programme undertaken and further pictures please e mail.

Please take the time to visit our website to understand our intensive process and passion for these cars.


1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB. £ If you have to ask….

Not exactly affordable but thought the photos alone were worth posting….what a beautiful car this is….a piece of automotive art. One of the most beautiful cars ever? Why buy a Picasso when you could have this instead (then again if you could afford one you could probably afford both)? Never restored and only 35k miles! On sale in the US.. Linky

250 1

250 2

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Doris Blackwood, Metamora, Michigan (acquired new in 1962)
James Carbone, Gig Harbor, Washington (acquired from the above in 1978)
Walnut Creek Ferrari, Walnut Creek, California (acquired from the above in 1984)
Ferrari South, Jackson, Mississippi (acquired from the above in October 1984)
James Wickstead, Mendham, New Jersey (acquired from the above in 1987)
Current Owner (acquired from the above)

Santa Fe Concorso, Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 2010 Continue reading 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB. £ If you have to ask….

1957 V8 100e Pop. Auction

Rover V8 engined little Anglia up for auction on the bay, I have a personal weakness for these things (and Anglias!).  As of 15.34 GMT 19/8/14 this auction had just over a day to run and bidding stood at £5,300 and was on sale. You know it makes sense! Anglia V8 linky

Anglia V8

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Up for auction is my 1957 ford 100e v8
Right were do i start ive spent a fortune on this little car the car has a rover 3.5 v8 engine which has a Edelbrock performance inlet manifold with a matching Edelbrock carburetor and air filter its linked up to a recently rebuilt 3 speed auto box and has straigt through pipes with cherry bombs the sound is lovely the suspension on the front is all 2.8 capri
.New coilover adjustable front legs
.New adjustable bottem arms
.New compresion struts
.Re conditioned capri calipers
.New drilled and grooved front disks
.New braided break lines
.New gaz adjustable rear shocks
.New chrome door handles and boot handle
.New window and door rubbers
.New custom head lining
.New custom made carpets througout
.New fully re trimmed in blood read seats and all door cards
As you can see in the pics this is a great looking little car and gets loads of attention where ever you take it and the sound of the v8 engine is lovely its all on the button and is ready for someone to enjoy there are a few minor blemishes on the paint work but nothing major but all in all a lovely straight example of these hard to come by little cars viewing is welcome if you have any other questions please call 07796132892 happy bidding