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1991 e30 Track Car. M52 engine. £4.5k

I love e30’s, I remember going to a motor show as a kid to see the BMW’s and the M6 and the 352i Sport were my favourite cars way back in 1988…..along with the Athena print of the Countach on my wall of course! This looks like a tidy track offering that has been put together well and also looks the part. Couple of jobs to do but really ready to go as is.  Link

e30 track 1

e30 track 2

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BMW e30 318iS with E36 M52B28 engine


M52B28 engine from 1996/N E36 coupe
M50 intake manifold with M52 throttle body
M52 exhaust manifold to custom E30 M3 twin pipe system
E38 728 sump
Electric fan conversion, on sensor and manual override switch
EWS delete
Injectortune.co.uk clean injectors
E30 325i clutch
E30 325i lightened flywheel
E30 318iS gearbox (additional 318iS gearbox also included)
E30 320i gear lever linkage
E30 325i propshaft
Medium case 4.10 limited slip differential with triple clutch upgrade, Powerflex poly bush (brand new bearings, clutches and dog ear plates, covered less than 150 miles) 
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1999 Elise Track Car. £13k

Great looking Elise (love the colour and the Rota wheels) with some expensive track day modifications and a recent respray.  Profesionally built to full Elise Trophy race spec. Link

Elise 1

Elise 2

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Lotus Elise S1 race car built by Track Group to full Elise Trophy race spec

This is a fast car which had a full and expensive rebuild including engine, then was only used in 3 races in 2012. Since then it has sat covered in the workshop and has not turned a wheel, hence why owner has decided to sell.

No stone chips, bodywork has had respray in original lotus color and looks great.

Ready to race in Elise Trophy or serious track day car. Can easily be registered back as road car with plates so that you could use as a road and track day car.

6 point cage
1800 race engine 155bhp
5 speed gearbox
AP Clutch
Lightweight flywheel
EP Tuning ECU with plug in
Stainless exhaust
Adjustable dampers
Race disks/pads
Rota race wheels