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2008 Caparo T1. £200k

You don’t see these for sale very often. By all the reports I have read these are a bit too much of a handful for all but the best drivers but doubt that would stop many who had the cash to add it to their collection. Dry weight of under 500kg gives an impressive power to weight of around 1000bhp per tonne! The race engine spins up to 10,500 rpm. Lateral acceleration is up to 3g.  Link

Wikipedia link too.. Link

Caparo 1

Caparo 2

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We are delighted to be able to offer again this superb Caparo T1.

Complete with road registration this 575BHP two seater represents the ultimate in a track day car or a super fast road car.

To be supplied fully serviced and taxed for UK roads, if applicable. Export enquiries welcome; please contact us for a shipping quote. 

For further information and for out of hours service, please contact Guy Munday on 07983 716487.

1982 Capri 3.0s with Lexus V8. £5k

The advert states this is 95% complete, certainly the body looks really tidy and is lovely old skool colour. You see plenty of these V8 conversions where old Rover V8s have been used and more expensive ones with Hemis,…..but this looks like a good compromise. The cheaper Lexus V8 has been used but it should be reliable and will give you all the power you should need with 300bhp. Link

Lexus Capri 1

Lexus Capri 2


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Hello and welcome to the sale of my ford capri mk3 fitted with a 4.3l vvt lexus v8 engine producing 300bhp.
The car is 95% finished, she has had a fortune spent on her including; being taken down to a body shell and all rotten panels where either cut out or replaced with new ones. A proffesional respray in signal orange was carried out and the engine conversion was carried out by custom conversions of doncaster.

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1972 Bike engined Bond Bug. £9k

I remember seeing a one of these parked near our house while I was growing up and remember thinking they looked very cool, they were retro even when they were ten years old. This one has obviously been owned by someone very meticulous….and a little bit mental! It has a Honda Fireblade engine fitted which will make for a real handful. I’d love to give it a go. Linky


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My pride N joy
Bond Bug Honda Fireblade power unit
cash on collection only 07779142918
Hi my name is bugRRme!
I’m in excellent condition & a proven road car (3 years on road & air)
Will piss most things off 0-60 3sec & surprisingly stable
Six speed sequential gearbox & before you ask about reverse no because on a flat surface ie”at pub” it takes 2 fingers to push her (or scoot it while you’re sitting in it!)
Using “the up yours” 2 finger method everyone around watches in amazement (damn cool)
& NO doors as you need the air with the engine open in a tiny area with you but because of the wedge of cheddar cheese shape you don’t get the wind coming in
Deffo NOT for the SCREAMish with NO safety at all ie like a M/bike
Insurance is limited mileage fully comp £125 as long as you’re an adult
PS: passenger to be comfortable will need a right leg amputation but don’t worry I used to be a Gynecologist in my spare time so I can get this done on the cheap
Ear plugs supplied foc & a MUST
NO dreamers
NO joyriders/kids test pilots etc
I can be persuaded for you to be a passenger in the old girl BUT you must have the dosh in your pocket and a medical certificate with NO heart probs
& bring a spare pair of undies!
ps miles are what the engine has done, car mileage not known BUT rebuilt anyways