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1999 E36 BMW M3 with S54 engine

You might guess, but we are big fans of engine swaps here and this is the first one of these I have ever seen, an E36 M3 with the E46 M3 engine fitted. Looks like a tidy conversion. Reviews for the E36 M3 were never that positive after the E30 but maybe with the award winning block fitted this could be a winner.  Linky


M£ engine

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With deep regret I am putting my much loved E36 M3 Evo for sale.  I’ve spent the last six months and a shed load of cash preparing this E36 for my annual Euro/Nurburgring trip in June.  Unfortunately it was never ready in time and thus I’ve decided to sell as I doubt I will be able to use the car in which it was intended.

Its a late 1999 Evo finished in Orinoco green, which was a individual option and quite rare.   I’ve been told it was an option on the late e34 M5s.  Its an amazing colour that will grow on you the more you look at it.  

The interior is a complimentary light green vader seat interior which suits the car and really sets it off. 

It has been in the hands of enthusiasts all its life and comes with a A4 folder full of almost every receipt/service invoice/MOT.  Included is a spare key and the valet key.

The main specs of the car:
1999 T reg
144k miles
Orinoco Green with light green vader seats
Harmon Kardon upgraded stereo system with Becker headunit

Upgrades and Modifications:
S54 engine fitted with under 25k miles
CSL headers/manifolds
Stainless decat e46 pipes
New Z3 1.9 quick steering rack
Eisenmann race rear exhaust
Evolve remap (includes deletion of various sensors/CAN as required to work in an E36)
BMC induction kit
Porsche 996 front calipers with CSL discs DS2500 pads
Porsche 996 rear calipers with e46 M3 discs DS2500 pads
Racing Blue brake fluid
HSD MonoPro coilovers
Eibach rear camber arms
Storm motorwerks gearknob
Used 18″ AC Schnitzer type II split rims with brand new Pirelli P-Zero Rosso tyres in M3 sizes.

Servicing and consumables replaced
Rebuilt E36 M3 Evo rear differential with E46 M3 Crown and Pinion 3.62 ratio fitted
Polybushed rear axle subframe
All hub bushes replaced with Lemforder spherical bearings
RTAB polybushed
FCAB polybushed
Oil change with Castrol Edge 10W60
OE oil filter
Gearbox oil changed
Diff oil changed
Racing Blue brake fluid
New AC condensor – AC system regassed
Coolant replaced
Samco coolant hoses fitted
All aux belt tensioners/idlers replaced
Sachs E46 M3 clutch replaced
Lemforder track and tie rods
Hunter four wheel alignment – set up for fast road/occasional track work

The S54 conversion was carried out in house and was based on a E46 M3 engine removed from an 2005 car that had been sourced from a well known member on M3cutters.
The car was dyno’d at Evolve and made 354 BHP consistently.  The only other modification I would add is there new induction kit with will add a few more horses.

The factory E36 Evo 6 speed gearbox was retained, it shifts super smooth and a true joy to shift from cold to hot.  We used an E46 clutch and its smooth and controllable.  In fact its really soft compared to the E36.

The factory clocks have been used and all functions prior to the conversion work including:
Oil temp
Functioning Sport button
Air conditioning – custom window switch utilised to ensure the AC cuts off at higher rpm
EOBD compliant – the ECU can be read with a generic code reader
Other systems can be still read using under bonnet socket as per E36.

Pretty much everything I’ve listed is brand new, even the brakes have not bedded in!

The car sounds EPIC and has a totally unique sound to it – very much unlike an E36 or E46 M3.  Its been described as a mini V10 noise.
Its smooth and comfortable, yet offers amazing handling and so much torque from the S54 engine.  

1972 Bike engined Bond Bug. £9k

I remember seeing a one of these parked near our house while I was growing up and remember thinking they looked very cool, they were retro even when they were ten years old. This one has obviously been owned by someone very meticulous….and a little bit mental! It has a Honda Fireblade engine fitted which will make for a real handful. I’d love to give it a go. Linky


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My pride N joy
Bond Bug Honda Fireblade power unit
cash on collection only 07779142918
Hi my name is bugRRme!
I’m in excellent condition & a proven road car (3 years on road & air)
Will piss most things off 0-60 3sec & surprisingly stable
Six speed sequential gearbox & before you ask about reverse no because on a flat surface ie”at pub” it takes 2 fingers to push her (or scoot it while you’re sitting in it!)
Using “the up yours” 2 finger method everyone around watches in amazement (damn cool)
& NO doors as you need the air with the engine open in a tiny area with you but because of the wedge of cheddar cheese shape you don’t get the wind coming in
Deffo NOT for the SCREAMish with NO safety at all ie like a M/bike
Insurance is limited mileage fully comp £125 as long as you’re an adult
PS: passenger to be comfortable will need a right leg amputation but don’t worry I used to be a Gynecologist in my spare time so I can get this done on the cheap
Ear plugs supplied foc & a MUST
NO dreamers
NO joyriders/kids test pilots etc
I can be persuaded for you to be a passenger in the old girl BUT you must have the dosh in your pocket and a medical certificate with NO heart probs
& bring a spare pair of undies!
ps miles are what the engine has done, car mileage not known BUT rebuilt anyways

1957 V8 100e Pop. Auction

Rover V8 engined little Anglia up for auction on the bay, I have a personal weakness for these things (and Anglias!).  As of 15.34 GMT 19/8/14 this auction had just over a day to run and bidding stood at £5,300 and was on sale. You know it makes sense! Anglia V8 linky

Anglia V8

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Up for auction is my 1957 ford 100e v8
Right were do i start ive spent a fortune on this little car the car has a rover 3.5 v8 engine which has a Edelbrock performance inlet manifold with a matching Edelbrock carburetor and air filter its linked up to a recently rebuilt 3 speed auto box and has straigt through pipes with cherry bombs the sound is lovely the suspension on the front is all 2.8 capri
.New coilover adjustable front legs
.New adjustable bottem arms
.New compresion struts
.Re conditioned capri calipers
.New drilled and grooved front disks
.New braided break lines
.New gaz adjustable rear shocks
.New chrome door handles and boot handle
.New window and door rubbers
.New custom head lining
.New custom made carpets througout
.New fully re trimmed in blood read seats and all door cards
As you can see in the pics this is a great looking little car and gets loads of attention where ever you take it and the sound of the v8 engine is lovely its all on the button and is ready for someone to enjoy there are a few minor blemishes on the paint work but nothing major but all in all a lovely straight example of these hard to come by little cars viewing is welcome if you have any other questions please call 07796132892 happy bidding