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2007 207mph Ultima GTR. £40k

Always thought that these are great cars, like a “poor” (all things are relative…) mans Maclaren F1. They look great, like a Le Mans racer with the cabin forward design, have ridiculously wide rear ends and rear tyres, all the body work flips up on them like a real race car and they can be had for reasonable money. Tubular space frame chassis, mid engined, usually using American V8s and Porsche gearboxes. They can be self built or supplied complete from the factory and can be specified based on budget.  This looks like a great option at a good price…..  Link

Ultima 1

Ultima 2


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Year 2007 Ultima GTR
Engine: 383 Small Block Chevy; dyno’d at 519 bhp;  was set up on the rolling road to cure low revs flat spot and to check fuelling and ignition was correct.
The car starts and runs from cold without any issues.  I have also fitted an Accusump oil system and this is the biggest accumulator and is controlled electronically by engine oil pressure, this is known to be the best/quickest way to control oil being expelled into the engine and for the accumulator to refill.
Gearbox: Porsche G50 complete with long fifth gears, giving better fuel economy on a run and higher top speed.  The gearbox is also fitted with factory ZF LSD.
Brakes: these are the big AP kit all around and Intrax shocks front and back.
Interior: is minimalist with alcantera on the dash and seats complete with 6 point harnesses and lumber support on both driver and passenger seats.  The car is also fitted with air conditioning which works extremely well.  I have also fitted the latest MSD digital ignition system and just given the engine an oil and filter change.
Basically the first owner went to the factory for a test drive and had this car built as per the demonstrator.  Whilst in my ownership it has not wanted for anything and I have not scrimped on any part of servicing or looking after it.  When I had the tall fifth gears fitted I also got the independent Porsche specialist to strip and check that all was good and within tolerance with the rest of the internals of the gearbox – in for a penny in for a pound.  The car has always been warmed up before being driven fast and “warmed down” before being put back into the toy box!  I have owned this car for 4 1/2 years and my reason for selling is that I fancy a change.  All of my friends think I am daft selling it – it has ticked all of the boxes.  It gets good reactions/attention where ever I take it and I have also cracked the double ton in it – 207 per the GPS to be exact.
Please do not hesitate to contact me and ask for more details or if you have any questions.
Just as an aside the car comes with indoor car cover, trickle charger and it’s interesting number plate.