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Part finished projects, someones loss is your gain!

1989 Vtec Mini conversion. Auction

You couldn’t exactly class this as mint, it’s fairly shabby and in my humble opinion its not worth much more than the starting price of this auction (£8k), and that at a push. However who can resist a vtec mini? All the hard work has been done and it has some good parts like the Wilwood brakes. Needs a respray and a few other bits but could be worth the effort….Link

Mini vtec 1

Mini vtec 2


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1 years M.O.T.
Selling as a road going project as a it could do with a couple bits doing, but will not have to be taken off of the road, so you can continue to have fun driving while doing it up. Could do with an external respray; Body is solid, but the body kit has been fitted badly, i have 4 wheel arches, front and rear chrome bumpers and rear valance that will go with the car as i wanted to remove the body kit to make it look more standard. i bought this car  with the body in this condition and have driven it for the last year, the body has not got any worse.
Buying a house forces sale hence very low price. grab a bargain!!
Good bits;
Zcars space frame chassis/cage
2.0 k20 vtec civic typr r engine
self mappable ecu
Real split rims (rare £1000+)
Willwood front disc brakes
zcars rear discs
Fully adjustable suspension.
Alloy petrol tank
Leather bucket seats
4 point harness
digital dash with shift light
4-1 exhaust
fibre glass light weight roof
under 700kg
around 220bhp
truly insane acceleration.
Bad bits;
Could do with a re-spray
either remove body kit or repair back as previous owner had it set v.low and went down a to hole and damaged the body kit.
has developed a crunch in 2nd gear, have been told by a garage that its the synchromesh replacing (apparently very straight forward)
Feel free to ask any questions, i will answer them a.s.a.p.
Real Bargain at this price!!! (just look at other ones for sale!)
House forces sale.
No time wasters please.
Serious enquiries only.
Bidding to BUY not to View/test drive for a laugh.
Extremely fast car, must be respected.
£250 deposit within 24h end of auction. 
Happy Bidding.

1982 Capri 3.0s with Lexus V8. £5k

The advert states this is 95% complete, certainly the body looks really tidy and is lovely old skool colour. You see plenty of these V8 conversions where old Rover V8s have been used and more expensive ones with Hemis,…..but this looks like a good compromise. The cheaper Lexus V8 has been used but it should be reliable and will give you all the power you should need with 300bhp. Link

Lexus Capri 1

Lexus Capri 2


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Hello and welcome to the sale of my ford capri mk3 fitted with a 4.3l vvt lexus v8 engine producing 300bhp.
The car is 95% finished, she has had a fortune spent on her including; being taken down to a body shell and all rotten panels where either cut out or replaced with new ones. A proffesional respray in signal orange was carried out and the engine conversion was carried out by custom conversions of doncaster.

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