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2003 Murcielago. £85k

This is one of my favourite looking cars ever and it even looks like a bargain compared to the prices some in demand cars are going for these days (996 GT3s…..). Sure, the maintenance and fuel bills will be huge but if you can keep your miles down then at least they shouldn’t crop up too often….worth re-mortgaging the house or selling a kidney for! This one has been for sale for a while…… Link

Murci 2

Murci 1


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YELLOW Coupe.6192 cc Petrol, Manual.

1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB. £ If you have to ask….

Not exactly affordable but thought the photos alone were worth posting….what a beautiful car this is….a piece of automotive art. One of the most beautiful cars ever? Why buy a Picasso when you could have this instead (then again if you could afford one you could probably afford both)? Never restored and only 35k miles! On sale in the US.. Linky

250 1

250 2

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Doris Blackwood, Metamora, Michigan (acquired new in 1962)
James Carbone, Gig Harbor, Washington (acquired from the above in 1978)
Walnut Creek Ferrari, Walnut Creek, California (acquired from the above in 1984)
Ferrari South, Jackson, Mississippi (acquired from the above in October 1984)
James Wickstead, Mendham, New Jersey (acquired from the above in 1987)
Current Owner (acquired from the above)

Santa Fe Concorso, Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 2010 Continue reading 1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB. £ If you have to ask….

1969 GTA Replica. Twinspark. £33k

These really are gorgeous cars, and have massively appreciated in the last few years, the cream of the crop are the GTAs with many GTVs like this being converted in replicas. This one is of a very high standard and sits really well. This is top money, but appears to be in top condition.  Linky


GTV engine

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We are selling on behalf of a valued customer this fast road/ track GTA replica with fitted 2.0 Twinspark engine on 45mm Webers & Omex 3-D mapped ignition. The engine was originally built by AH Motorsports to be fitted in a single seater racer & hence was converted to dry-sump. It achieved 200bhp on Adie Hawkins dyno but has since been de-tuned to a very tractable 185-190bhp
An Alfaholics LSD has been fitted to a 4.5 axle by Cloverleaf Transmissions. A bespoke dual-circuit braking system with an adjustable bias valve & vented front discs has been installed. Harvey Bailey suspension, Koni dampers,full roll cage, fuel cell, lightweight battery, bucket seats & harnesses, Lexan windows all fitted. Currently on Alfaholics’ 6×14″ GTA alloys. A second set of alloys with Yokohama Advan 048 tyres is included in the sale.
Photographic record of body restoration (not by us) with aluminium doorskins & GRP bootlid.
£32,500 (private plate not included)