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2013 XJ13 Jaguar Recreation. £130k

This is a very high end replica of the priceless XJ13 one off sports prototype developed in the late 1960’s to compete against Ferrari and Ford. Built from a 1955 donor car and powered by a 6.3 litre V12 engine giving 375bhp. Just beautiful. Link

XJ13 1

xj13 2

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The Jaguar XJ13 was a one off sports prototype, which Jaguar’s racecar division came out of retirement to produce in 1965. The XJ13 was designed to go head to head with Ferrari and Ford in an attempt to end the competitions dominance at Le Mans and put Jaguar back on the winner’s podium. In 1967 the car was extensively tested at MIRA proving ground, after some mechanical and handling issues had been ironed out the XJ13 completed a lap of the the No 1 circuit in 62.8 seconds at 161.6 mph. For many years this impressive achievement remained in the Guinness Book Of Records as the highest speed recorded for a lap of an enclosed British circuit. Soon after the rules are changed at Le Mans and cars with engines of more than 3000cc are banned from the race rendering the XJ13 obsolete before it competes in a single race. In anticipation of Jaguars launch of their first production V12 in the E-type it was decided that a short film of the XJ13 would “spice up” proceedings. With this in mind Jaguar returned the XJ13 to MIRA where Norman Dewis took to the wheel so that they may capture some suitable footage. On the final lap of the banked circuit one of the rear wheels disintegrates and the XJ13 bounces off the safety fence and rolls end over end into the ploughed infield. Dewis walked away unhurt, a fine tribute to the inherent strength of the monocoque chassis design. Two years after the accident Jaguar painstakingly rebuilt the car and it has remained on display with them up until the present day.

The Jaguar XJ13 offered here at Hofmann’s is a TWR (Trevor Williams Racing) completed in 2012 taking the identity of its 1955 donor. There was no expense spared in pursuit of a highly accurate replica of the infamous Jaguar. Using “The Sports Car” factory chassis and bodywork.A fully rebuilt and balanced Jaguar 6.3 litre engine producing 375bhp with 450ft/lb torque powers this stunning example. TWRR designed electronic fuel injection system with KMS EUC, full flow ceramic coated; titanium lava wrapped bespoke stainless steel exhaust system.Transmission is by means of a Porsche G50 5-speed transaxle unit. Wilwood brakes and fully adjustable Ohlin’s suspension, complement its stunning performance. keep the car looking and feeling as authentic as possible three part wheels with full peg drive mounting flange and knock off spinners have been used. The GRP bodywork being produced with louvered bonnet, side and boot panels which are detailed and riveted as per the original. These coupled with polished aluminum cockpit, period dials, plexi glass windows, Motolite steering wheel and period lighting gave the car a highly accurate finish. 

This is a truly unique opportunity to own such a stunning sports car, which recreates the looks, sounds and sheer presence of one of the rarest and most expensive cars in existence.

As with all our vehicles the car will go through a comprehensive presales inspection prior to a new owner taking delivery.

2007 207mph Ultima GTR. £40k

Always thought that these are great cars, like a “poor” (all things are relative…) mans Maclaren F1. They look great, like a Le Mans racer with the cabin forward design, have ridiculously wide rear ends and rear tyres, all the body work flips up on them like a real race car and they can be had for reasonable money. Tubular space frame chassis, mid engined, usually using American V8s and Porsche gearboxes. They can be self built or supplied complete from the factory and can be specified based on budget.  This looks like a great option at a good price…..  Link

Ultima 1

Ultima 2


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Year 2007 Ultima GTR
Engine: 383 Small Block Chevy; dyno’d at 519 bhp;  was set up on the rolling road to cure low revs flat spot and to check fuelling and ignition was correct.
The car starts and runs from cold without any issues.  I have also fitted an Accusump oil system and this is the biggest accumulator and is controlled electronically by engine oil pressure, this is known to be the best/quickest way to control oil being expelled into the engine and for the accumulator to refill.
Gearbox: Porsche G50 complete with long fifth gears, giving better fuel economy on a run and higher top speed.  The gearbox is also fitted with factory ZF LSD.
Brakes: these are the big AP kit all around and Intrax shocks front and back.
Interior: is minimalist with alcantera on the dash and seats complete with 6 point harnesses and lumber support on both driver and passenger seats.  The car is also fitted with air conditioning which works extremely well.  I have also fitted the latest MSD digital ignition system and just given the engine an oil and filter change.
Basically the first owner went to the factory for a test drive and had this car built as per the demonstrator.  Whilst in my ownership it has not wanted for anything and I have not scrimped on any part of servicing or looking after it.  When I had the tall fifth gears fitted I also got the independent Porsche specialist to strip and check that all was good and within tolerance with the rest of the internals of the gearbox – in for a penny in for a pound.  The car has always been warmed up before being driven fast and “warmed down” before being put back into the toy box!  I have owned this car for 4 1/2 years and my reason for selling is that I fancy a change.  All of my friends think I am daft selling it – it has ticked all of the boxes.  It gets good reactions/attention where ever I take it and I have also cracked the double ton in it – 207 per the GPS to be exact.
Please do not hesitate to contact me and ask for more details or if you have any questions.
Just as an aside the car comes with indoor car cover, trickle charger and it’s interesting number plate.

1989 Vtec Mini conversion. Auction

You couldn’t exactly class this as mint, it’s fairly shabby and in my humble opinion its not worth much more than the starting price of this auction (£8k), and that at a push. However who can resist a vtec mini? All the hard work has been done and it has some good parts like the Wilwood brakes. Needs a respray and a few other bits but could be worth the effort….Link

Mini vtec 1

Mini vtec 2


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1 years M.O.T.
Selling as a road going project as a it could do with a couple bits doing, but will not have to be taken off of the road, so you can continue to have fun driving while doing it up. Could do with an external respray; Body is solid, but the body kit has been fitted badly, i have 4 wheel arches, front and rear chrome bumpers and rear valance that will go with the car as i wanted to remove the body kit to make it look more standard. i bought this car  with the body in this condition and have driven it for the last year, the body has not got any worse.
Buying a house forces sale hence very low price. grab a bargain!!
Good bits;
Zcars space frame chassis/cage
2.0 k20 vtec civic typr r engine
self mappable ecu
Real split rims (rare £1000+)
Willwood front disc brakes
zcars rear discs
Fully adjustable suspension.
Alloy petrol tank
Leather bucket seats
4 point harness
digital dash with shift light
4-1 exhaust
fibre glass light weight roof
under 700kg
around 220bhp
truly insane acceleration.
Bad bits;
Could do with a re-spray
either remove body kit or repair back as previous owner had it set v.low and went down a to hole and damaged the body kit.
has developed a crunch in 2nd gear, have been told by a garage that its the synchromesh replacing (apparently very straight forward)
Feel free to ask any questions, i will answer them a.s.a.p.
Real Bargain at this price!!! (just look at other ones for sale!)
House forces sale.
No time wasters please.
Serious enquiries only.
Bidding to BUY not to View/test drive for a laugh.
Extremely fast car, must be respected.
£250 deposit within 24h end of auction. 
Happy Bidding.

1999 Elise Track Car. £13k

Great looking Elise (love the colour and the Rota wheels) with some expensive track day modifications and a recent respray.  Profesionally built to full Elise Trophy race spec. Link

Elise 1

Elise 2

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Lotus Elise S1 race car built by Track Group to full Elise Trophy race spec

This is a fast car which had a full and expensive rebuild including engine, then was only used in 3 races in 2012. Since then it has sat covered in the workshop and has not turned a wheel, hence why owner has decided to sell.

No stone chips, bodywork has had respray in original lotus color and looks great.

Ready to race in Elise Trophy or serious track day car. Can easily be registered back as road car with plates so that you could use as a road and track day car.

6 point cage
1800 race engine 155bhp
5 speed gearbox
AP Clutch
Lightweight flywheel
EP Tuning ECU with plug in
Stainless exhaust
Adjustable dampers
Race disks/pads
Rota race wheels

2014 Lotus Evora GTS. £60k

Never seen or heard of this version of the Lotus Evora before myself, it’s the racing version, apparently only three have been built. The stance looks just right, the more aggressive front end and drop in ride height really make a big difference. Not sure about the huge spoiler for road use though, but this is likley to be bought as a track toy I guess…… Link

Here’s also the link to the Lotus factory web page for the car. Link

Evora GTS 2

Evora GTS 1


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Lotus Evora GTS

This unique Evora GTS is 1 of only 3 worldwide and is the only UK registered car.

It is eligible to race in the Lotus Cup Series and the European Endurance Championship.

Finished in Motorsport Green with Yellow Dual Stripe

Unladen Vehicle Mass reduced to 1,250 KG

Evora GT4 Bodykit
Left Hand Drive
2 Way Ohlins TTX36 Dampers
Coaxial Coil Springs
Motorsport Stiffer ARB’s front and rear
Baffled Wet Sump
Accusump System
Quick Release Steering wheel
Internal and External Battery Isolator and Fire Extinguisher
FIA Approved Drivers Competition Seat on Fixed Mountings
HANS Compatible Passenger seat mounted to slider
FIA approved 6 Point Competition Harness

Comes with New Engine and Gearbox.