GT3 1

2000 Mk1 GT3. £80k (How much??)

There is no doubt that these are very special cars with a real motorsport heritage but is this value? Prices of these things continue to sky rocket.  A couple of years ago this would have been a £35k car. Now I am not sure that someone will pay £80k for a 50k miler (but the London Porsche dealer JZM is asking £150k for a low mile 996 GT3 RS….ouch)…..but it still looks lovely. Link

GT3 1

GT3 2

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One of 18 uk speed yellow Mk1 GT3s. The original and the best. A very well known car and also one of the most umolested examples out there. Completely standard apart from a very small tweak to the Exhaust back boxes to improve the soundtrack. Bucket seats and techequipment half cage. Original panel and recently refreshed OE suspension. Immaculate service history and a very recent service including plugs, castrol SRF and a full checkover.

No timewasters, dreamers or low ballers.

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