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1991 e30 Track Car. M52 engine. £4.5k

I love e30’s, I remember going to a motor show as a kid to see the BMW’s and the M6 and the 352i Sport were my favourite cars way back in 1988…..along with the Athena print of the Countach on my wall of course! This looks like a tidy track offering that has been put together well and also looks the part. Couple of jobs to do but really ready to go as is.  Link

e30 track 1

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BMW e30 318iS with E36 M52B28 engine


M52B28 engine from 1996/N E36 coupe
M50 intake manifold with M52 throttle body
M52 exhaust manifold to custom E30 M3 twin pipe system
E38 728 sump
Electric fan conversion, on sensor and manual override switch
EWS delete
Injectortune.co.uk clean injectors
E30 325i clutch
E30 325i lightened flywheel
E30 318iS gearbox (additional 318iS gearbox also included)
E30 320i gear lever linkage
E30 325i propshaft
Medium case 4.10 limited slip differential with triple clutch upgrade, Powerflex poly bush (brand new bearings, clutches and dog ear plates, covered less than 150 miles) 


E32 750i brake master cylinder (purchased new)
Front: Brembo 4-pot calipers
Front: Audi TT 312mm discs
Front: E38 730 brake pads
Rear: E34 M5 calipers
Rear: E46 330 294mm discs
Rear: E34 M5 brake pads


16” Team Dynamics Pro Race 2 ET15 alloy wheels (as new condition)
Michelin Primacy HP 205/50/16 tyres on front (2-3mm)
Unbranded 205/50/16 tyres on rear (5-6mm)


35mm H&R springs front and rear
Bilstein B8 dampers front and rear
Safety Devices 6 point bolt in roll cage
E46 compact ‘purple tag’ steering rack
E34 UJ/splined shaft steering linkage


2 x Cobra Monaco Pro bucket seats (near enough brand new)
M-Tech II 370mm steering wheel
Lowered steering column height with 10mm spacers
Heater matrix bypass
Sunroof tray and mechanism removed, sunroof panel has been welded from the inside
Various items removed to lighten.  Wiring and dash could be stripped further
Fitted with Clifford Concept 650 Cat 1 alarm with paperwork

Tax: September 2014
MOT: April 2015


I purchased the car as a standard 318iS plus the springs/dampers combination soley with the intention of doing an engine conversion, the car was driven straight into my garage and had the engine removed.  I purchased an E36 328 sport coupe for the donor parts and got straight into it, all parts were ordered new from BMW that needed replacing; various bolts, sensors, gaskets etc – no expense was spared and I still have all the receipts.  Cotswold BMW did pretty well out of me for this one (as I’m sure they do from a lot of the E30Zone).  The E36 had done roughly 125k, with a mention in the service book of a new engine at 99k (in 2003) due to the Nikasil issues, read what you will into that as anyone could’ve written it, the only proof I have of this being truthful is the unbelievable condition of the E36 sump when I replaced it with the E38 sump.  Who knows, maybe just the sump was changed at some point.  The E30 shell had covered 177k at the time of purchase, which is now around 179k.

The engine conversion was completed in May 2012 and I’ve slowly modified the car since then, such as upgrading the brakes and stripping it out for the roll cage; the brakes have 312mm discs on the front with Brembo 4-pot calipers from an E30 730, and 294mm discs on the rear with E34 M5 calipers.  To the fit the roll cage the sunroof mechanism and associate tray was removed, the sunroof panel still remains as it has been welded from the inside using some metal frame-work to not destroy the paint, this has been sealed from the outside to keep it watertight!  I fully documented the engine conversion process, and have plenty of photos of the whole build process which I’ll happily pass on with the sale.  Since completing the engine conversion I have barely done 2,000 miles in her due to various life commitments (mainly buying and renovating a house!) and it hasn’t even seen a track yet – I was reluctant to go anywhere without a sump guard due to how low the M52 sump is, however I have purchased an RPM sump guard in the last two months but not had chance to fit it.  Since then, I have learned my wife and I are expecting our first child, given the lack of use the car has currently had I can see that diminishing even further.  Paying £230 a year in tax (more than the insurance!) is also a bitter pill to swallow.  The car has remained garaged during the entirety of my ownership.

Due to the choice of gearbox and differential the gearing is very short, and as such the car is extremely quick off the line!  The top speed is estimated at 125mph before running out of revs.  The differential has not long been rebuilt and has so far covered less than 150 miles, 4:10 ratio was achieved by purchasing a medium case 3:91 LSD, and then purchasing a 4:10 crown wheel and pinion from the US, internally the LSD has been upgraded to 3 clutches with fresh dog-ear plates from Porsche, finally the preload and backlash were set.  The differential is virtually brand new, and would command a premium if selling individually. There is a slight issue with the gearbox (hence the spare one supplied), the issue is in 1st gear, once the revs go past roughly 4500RPM it struggles to find any other gear.  This only happens in 1st gear though, all other gears are fine.  I read that this could be through my choice of gearbox oil (ATF, which is widely used) however I have since used Redline fluid and the issue persists.

The shell is very tidy in terms of rust, there is a small patch on the n/s/f wing, and a hole at the bottom of the rear valance, there is also light surface rust on the edge of the driver’s door shut.  The rest of the car is solid (quite easy to spot on a stripped out car if there was anything else!).  There a few large stone chips on the bonnet and the car has several bumps down each side (not from my ownership!) but knowing that made it a little to do such a conversion.  At some point in the car’s history someone has tried to break in and so the locks on each door have a bit of damage to them, the car is unlocked with the Clifford fob (of which there are 2), however there is only 1 key for the ignition.
The pictures attached were taken on Saturday 29th August, I have to be honest and they say they really make the bodywork look better than it is.

Moving forward my next intention would’ve be a rolling road map to get the best out of the engine, when the ECU was sent off for the EWS delete I also asked for a generic map to be loaded which causes a slight overfuel.
There is still quite a bit of weight to remove in terms of wiring and parts from behind the dash (or dash as well..) I had the car weighed prior to fitting the LSD, with 10 ltrs of fuel in it came to 1120kg, I estimate the engine power to be about 220bhp.

All in all this is a great track car that just needs a decent set of a rubber and it’s ready to take on track, the short gearing also makes it an ideal candidate for sprints too.  This car will bring plenty of smiles to the new owner as all the hard work is done!


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